Beef Industry Fact Sheet

South Dakota Facts - "Agriculture is the largest contributor to the South Dakota economy and the beef industry is one of the major driving forces behind our economy."

  • $3.72 billion impact to state’s economy which represents more than 6% of the state’s entire economic output.
  • Over 15,000 beef producers
  • 3.65 million head of cattle- 8th in the Nation
  • 1.6 million beef cows- 5th in the Nation 

United States Facts "Beef cattle production represents the largest segment of American Agriculture."

  • Production of meat animals responsible for $66 billion to economy
  • 900,000 Cattle Operations in the US 
  • 87.7 million head of beef cattle
  • 55.5 pounds per capita consumption of beef
  • 97% of farms are family operations

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