Move Into May - Be Active and Beef Balanced Fit Friday Challenge Infographic

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Move into May - Be Active and Beef Balanced Fit Friday Challenge

The South Dakota Beef Industry Council's fun incentive program for the whole family designed to encourage everyone to in their efforts to live a healthy lifestyle with beef.

Spring has sprung and the South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) encourages you to get off the couch and get in gear using a fun new incentive program designed to inspire each member of the family to their next level of healthy living with beef. 

"'The Move Into May - Be Active and Beef Balanced Fit Friday Challenge' encourages everyone to look at simple things they can do in their own lives to gradually increase activity or make better nutrition choices, then share how they're doing it and potentially win some fun prizes along the way," said Suzy Geppert, executive director, SDBIC


How it Works

Each Friday from Fri., March 24 – Fri., May 26, share a photo to the SDBIC Facebook page that shows how you’re working toward a healthy lifestyle. Before you stress out - this doesn't need to be a sweaty selfie. Think outside of the box! We want to see your healthy beef recipes and kitchen creations, a photo while you're out walking the dog, or a photo that while playing in the part with the kids in the park. Mowing the lawn?  Show us that push mower- that counts too! Doing chores? Show us your feed bucket flex- we'll take it! Be creative and have fun with it! We will place the names of everyone who shares a Fit Friday photo into a weekly drawing the following Monday for a t-shirt and $25 in beef certificates, and keep posting because the prizes add up! We’ll award $200 in beef bucks to kick off May Beef Month, and $250 in beef bucks will highlight a grilling package give away just in time for Memorial Day.

Post your Fit Friday Photo

Drawing Dates and Prizes 

April 3rd- T-Shirts/$25 Beef Certificates

April 10th-  T-Shirts/$25 Beef Certificates

April 17th-  T-Shirts/$25 Beef Certificates

April 24th- T-Shirts/$25 Beef Certificates

May 1st-  T-Shirts/$25 Beef Certificates


May 8th- T-Shirts/$25 Beef Certificates

May 15th- T-Shirts/$25 Beef Certificates

May 22nd- Grill Set/T-Shirts

Memorial Day Drawing (29th) – T-Shirts/Grill Set Apron

“Sizzle Grilling Package”- Grill Set/Apron/Potholders/$250 Beef Buck Card

How to Get Started

  • Start gradually by adding activity and additional activity into your weekly schedule. You can find some starting points in our idea section at the bottom of this page.
  • Try creating easy, nutritious recipes from our recipe pages or check out the recipes on the Beef It's What's for Dinner website. 
  • Photograph your progress each week, and post your photo on the SDBIC Facebook Page. 
  • Each person who posts will be entered into the weekly drawing. All participants from each month are eligible for the monthly drawing. 
  • Winners announced on Facebook as per the schedule on the left of this page.


Family Activity Ideas

1. Family Walks - Create a pre- or post-dinner walk routine.

2. Dance Party - Crank up the tunes and shake your groove thing! Kids love this one! 

3. Make Chores a Game - See who can catch all the dust invaders the most quickly or sweep up the most crumbs from the floor.

4. Fitness Breaks - Turn commercials into fitness breaks. Let the kids "coach" by choosing the activity.  

5. Weekly Activity Night - Plan one night each week for a physical activity the whole family can get in on. Think backyard soccer, riding bikes, hide-and-seek, tag - whatever moves you! 

Workplace Wellness

1. Take short walks throughout the day - breaks and lunchtime are ideal.

2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

3. Hold standing or walking meetings.

4. Create a wellness challenge with your coworkers.

5. Step away from your computer once an hour. Your eyes need the rest and your body needs to move.


What to Eat

1. Plan, plan and plan some more. Adding activity to your routine is often easier than controlling what you eat.

2. Keep healthy snack ideas on hand at home and the office.

3. Consider taking the protein challenge. You'll notice a difference! Learn More

4. Plan healthy meals and shop accordingly. Check out our featured recipes for some options the whole family will love. 

5. Pack your lunch! Healthy meals make for healthy leftovers which means you won't be tempted to run for a quick fix you'll regret later. 

Healthy Beef Meal Recipes

Think Outside the Box

1. Try a new activity. Check out the options available through your city recreational department. Give disc golf a try, or maybe find out if softball is your thing!

2. Try a new fruit or vegetable. Or re-try one you haven't had in a while. You might discover a new favorite! 

3. Replace sugary drinks with water.

4. Use a pedometer or fitness tracker. Seeing your steps, calories burned, etc. can be quite motivating.

5. Have a low-tech day. Put away the phone and other devices. You may be surprised what you come up with to do instead!