Team BEEF South Dakota

Announcement: Registration has now closed for the 2017 season.

               Let Lean Beef Fuel You to Finish! 

Who is Team Beef South Dakota?

Team BEEF South Dakota is a community of runners and cyclists who recognize the nutritional benefits of beef and the vital role high-quality protein plays in their training. Team BEEF South Dakota is open to all South Dakotans who want to promote beef, be physically active and showcase eating beef in a healthy lifestyle.

Become a Team BEEF Member

Team BEEF South Dakota adult and youth members will receive an official Team BEEF South Dakota Jersey and are encouraged to participate in at least 2 of our sponsored races.


  • Eat beef and believe in the nutritional benefits it provides.
  • Participate in any educational webinars.
  • Encouraged to participate in at least 2 races wearing a Team BEEF jersey.


  • Serve as a positive role model for lean beef.
  • Actively spread the word and help educate people who seek information about lean beef, including social media networks.
  • Participate in orientation and share what you learn.


  • SD Team BEEF Under Armour Jersey and/or Team BEEF South Dakota Cyclist Louis Garneau Jersey.
  • Access to fitness & nutrition tips, recipes, etc.
  • Network and community of runners who have common interests & passion.
  • Strong fan base and support system.

Team Beef Nutrition Video

Learn more about how beef provides you the fuel you need to finish the race.

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Team BEEF Nutrition Quiz

Watched the video? Now take the quiz to complete your Team Beef SD orientation.

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Team BEEF Toolkit

This page is designed as a resource and guide for Team Beef South Dakota members who want to enhance their beef advocacy skills, learn more about beef and utilize resources for potential community volunteer involvement.

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2017 Suggested Races

Prime Cuts Program

We’re adding some friendly competition to our team! The Prime Cuts Program rewards and creates incentives for our most active, loyal, and passionate Team BEEF SD members for going above and beyond team requirements by sharing their passion and striving to learn more about beef.

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Download Our Program Cheer Card!

Cheer on your fellow Team BEEF members on the sidelines with our 2017 Prime Cuts Program Cheer Card!

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Team Beef Spotlights 


Merretta Anderson

“I think it’s a great opportunity. By no means do I classify myself as a runner. I like to run when I can. That’s why Team BEEF is such a great thing. You have all types of runners."

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Tim Mullican 

“I think there are a lot of misconceptions about beef and I think that Team Beef helps to educate people and correct those misconceptions."

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Next Spotlight Team Beef Member 


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Team BEEF Story

2016 Team Beef Season Crosses Finish Line

More than 2,000 runners from across the nation competed in last year’s Sioux Falls Marathon Sept. 11, 2016. Of those runners, a select group sported flashy red “Team BEEF” jerseys. 

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