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The South Dakota Beef Industry Council is proud to work on behalf of beef farmers and ranchers to strengthen beef demand through promotion, research and education.

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What Does Your Dollar Do? 

The South Dakota Beef Industry Council operates and manages the beef checkoff program for the state of South Dakota. The goal of the council is to seek and engage in opportunities that expand beef’s value and  increases beef demand both in and out of state.  Checkoff dollars are used to support these efforts through promotion, education, and research activities. Whether it’s South Dakota’s rural communities, larger cities or working to leverage dollars in highly populated areas, the role of the checkoff continues to be that of instilling consumer confidence in the beef product by supplying consumers with accurate information in which to make their decision every time they walk through the doors of a retail location.  It is prohibited by law from engaging in any policy or legislative action. 
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Masters of Beef Advocacy

"The checkoff-funded MBA program is a self-directed online training program designed to equip beef producers and industry allies with the information they need to be everyday advocates for the beef industry."

Consumers love beef. They love the sizzle of a steak on the grill and biting into a thick, juicy burger. But they have questions. Where does beef come from? Is it safe? Is proper care given to animals and the environment?

We have a great story to tell. Beef producers work hard every day to be good stewards of the land and their animals in providing safe and nutritious beef for America’s dinner tables. We need to be passionate and vocal in telling our story.

That’s what the Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program is about…equipping beef producers across the country to tell their story in presentations to schools and church/civic groups, through local media and in the “virtual” world of the Internet.

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Annual Report 2020

"South Dakota Beef Producers, Raising beef can be a challenge with multiple factors continuing to test our resilience. Whether you are dealing with weather, prices, or herd health, it’s important to know the dollars you are investing in the Beef Checkoff are managed and used in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We would like to extend our thanks to you, South Dakota beef producers, for your continued commitment in producing a high quality beef product." - Laurie Johnson, 2020 SDBIC President

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