May Beef Month 2020 

May is Beef Month and we are excited to take you on a journey as we spend the month exploring the impact and role beef has played in American History. This foundational protein has served as a staple anchor to the plate from Revolutionary times all the way to present day. Follow along on Facebook as we share how cattlemen and women, soldiers, families, and retailers have endured the struggles and challenges throughout history and explain why Beef has ALWAYS been What’s For Dinner!

Local Stories

Vander Wal Yards Story: Built on family, faith and innovation, join us as we take a look at the history of Vander Wal Yards located near Bruce, SD. 

The Neighbor Lady 

WNAX's The Neighbor Lady

Beef stroganoff

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Texas Hash 

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Potato crusted meatloaf

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Rancher Short ribs

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