“United We Steak” Encourages South Dakotans To Grab Their Favorite Beef Cut and Fire Up The Grill

“United We Steak” Encourages South Dakotans To Grab Their Favorite Beef Cut and Fire Up The Grill

PIERRE, SD- South Dakota is partnering with  Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner., funded by the Beef Checkoff, to launch “United We Steak,” a new summer grilling campaign showcasing 50 steaks and all 50 states. “United We Steak” celebrates not only a shared tradition of grilling delicious steaks, but also what makes each state unique when it comes to this beloved pastime. The idea comes to life at UnitedWeSteak.com with an interactive map of the United States made from 50 hand-cut state-shaped steaks. The interactive map is packed full of grilling spirit, state-specific recipes and fun facts that can help consumers nationwide “beef up” grilling season this summer.    

Underpinning the campaign is a recognition that across all 50 states, there is a universal love of beef sizzling on a summer grill. According to research conducted by Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner., which is managed by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, nearly one-third of consumers say that they plan to grill more this summer than they have in the past.[i]   

While every state has their own unique footprint when it comes to sharing their beef story, we all gather together around the grill! When it comes to grilling beef, South Dakota’s sirloin kabobs continue to be a crowd pleaser and are a feature recipe found on UnitedWeSteak.com. 

“There’s nothing like the sound and smell of beef sizzling on the grill during the summer grilling season,” said Suzy Geppert, South Dakota Beef Industry Council’s (SDBIC) Executive Director. “United We Steak’ not only celebrates a love for grilling that brings families together, but also the beef farmers and ranchers who work hard every day to keep beef on grills all summer long.” 

As part of the campaign, the state and U.S.-shaped steaks will be featured in national advertisements, including still images and videos that will be shared on digital and social media platforms. The advertisements will also be shared on video platforms including YouTube and Connected TV in an effort to inspire Americans to grill up their favorite beef meal no matter where they live. 

South Dakota is getting in on the fun too with a localized Great Faces, Great Places, and Incredible Beef extension campaign that places a spotlight on all segments of the food system from local beef farmers and ranchers all the way up to the retail and food service sector as grill masters from across the state are inspired to select beef for their summer grilling go to protein.  The SDBIC will also be providing retail toolkits, advertisements, and outreach opportunities that include even our youngest advocates as the SD. Jr. Beef Ambassadors join in the fun! 

More beef grilling inspiration and information can be found at United We Steak and BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com. To learn more about the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and South Dakota’s Beef Checkoff program visit www.sdbeef.org.

[i] Grilling Survey, April 2020         

Posted: July 1, 2020