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Team BEEF SD On the Move in Deadwood 2018

Thousands of runners converged on Deadwood this past weekend as they showed up in full force to run the 2018 Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon/Half Marathon. The race sported around 2,200 runners, making it the largest "trail" marathon in North America. Participants came from 48 states, as well as Canada. The participants included 225 Marathon finishers, 1,537 Half Marathon finishers, 340 Relay runners and 118 finishers in the fast 5K.

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Educator Programs


FACS Beef Program

The FACS Beef Program provides Family & Consumer Science Teachers across the state with the opportunity to apply for funding to use to purchase beef and to help teach beef cooking skills.

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ProStart Beef Program

The ProStart Beef Program is designed to support SD ProStart teachers in educating future foodservice professionals about the value and many qualities of utilizing beef in their future businesses and operations.

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Extension FCS Beef Program

A great opportunity for Extension educators to receiving funding to purchase beef for classroom utilization.

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Producer Programs

Beef Quality Assurance

The South Dakota Beef Quality Assurance/Critical Management Plan program was initiated by beef industry participants to add value to our cattle by assuring our production practices adhere to the highest quality standards. The program raises consumer confidence through offering proper management techniques and a commitment to quality within every segment of the beef industry.

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Masters of Beef Advocacy

A checkoff-funded online training program equipping beef producers across the country to tell their story in presentations to schools and church/civic groups, through local media and in the “virtual” world of the Internet.

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Team BEEF South Dakota

Team Beef

Fuel for the Finish

Team BEEF South Dakota is a community of athletes of all levels who recognize the nutritional benefits of lean beef and the vital role high-quality protein plays in their training. Team BEEF South Dakota is open to all South Dakotans who want to promote beef, be physically active and showcase eating beef in a healthy lifestyle.

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