Board of Directors

The SDBIC is comprised of three representative from eight agricultural organizations: SD Livestock Auction Market Association, SD Stockgrowers Association, SD Farm Bureau Association, SD Cattlemen's Association, SD Cattlemen's Auxiliary, SD Cattlewomen, SD Beef Breeds Council, and SD Farmers Union. 

Meet the current representatives and SDBIC staff here

How it works: 

Each agricultural organization appoints three members to be a Council Director to represent their organization. Each Director serves a three-year term and is appointed by the membership organization every three years. The representatives from each organization shall serve three-year staggered terms.   

Function of a Director: 

The primary role of a Council Director is to serve the Council and the beef industry. They should represent their appointing organization but must incorporate those philosophies into the greater interests of the SD Beef Industry Council. Specifically, a Director on the Council shall serve to: 

  • Set organization policy; 
  • Identify and establish program goals and budget priorities;  
  • Approve the budget; 
  • Serve on committees; 
  • Approve projects; 
  • Represent the Council at meetings when required; 
  • Report to the constituent organization the actions of the Council; 
  • Present constituent organization recommendations.