November 2017 National Newsletter

November 2017 National Newsletter

South Dakota Beef Industry Council Kicks Off FY 2018

The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) kicked off its promotion, education, and research efforts on October 1, 2017.  Directors approved the $3.52 million- budget at their annual meeting in September following updates from staff, committees, USMEF, Federation of State Beef Council, Cattlemen’s Beef Board, and Operating Committee members. 

SDBIC will be investing $101,000 of the promotion budget into projects focused on reaching consumers as well as food influencers in the northeast region of the United States where consumers outnumber beef cattle 20 to 1.  Remaining dollars will be used for four federation of state beef council board seats, three United States Meat Export Federation (USMEF) boards seats and to fund in-state promotions and events that build beef demand. SDBIC directors also increased the dollars earmarked for research this coming year. The budget will support three research programs through South Dakota State University, involving food safety, beef quality, and human nutrition with beef. 

The SDBIC board will see change in the upcoming year as we thank Wayne Tupper of Kimball, SD for his dedication and commitment to the beef industry as our outgoing president.  We welcome Eric Sumption, Frederick, SD as the new SDBIC president.  We also extend our thanks to outgoing directors, Ernie Mertz, Bowdle, SD; John Symens, Amherst, SD; and Kari Sanders, Oral, SD. Their leadership and guidance will be missed.  We welcome Katie Knock, DeSmet, SD; Dwight Hossle, Faulkton, SD; and Les Shaw, White Owl, SD as they began their three-year term October 1st. The next quarterly board meeting is scheduled for December 11, 2017 in Pierre.  Please contact the office at (605) 224-4722 if you are interested in receiving more information on this.



Team BEEF SD completed their 2017 race season in September with the Sioux Falls Marathon on September 10.  In culmination of this year’s program, South Dakota Beef Industry Council announced the 2017 “Prime Cuts” program winner. The Prime Cuts program is an incentive program offered to team members to take the beef message beyond the race.  Participants are given various options to earn points on everything from public presentations to the completion of the Masters of Beef Advocacy program.  Paige Robinson of rural Frankfort, SD was announced as this year’s winner.


Robinson, who grew up around beef cattle, states that beef production continues to play a large role in her life as she stays busy on the family’s cow-calf and feedlot operation. She ran her first 5K in 2011 and began running as a hobby in 2015 when she joined Team Beef SD. Robinson joined Team Beef as a way to advocate for the industry.  “Team Beef members are a great resource to the beef industry because we promote the industry every time we wear our jersey, whether we’re running in a big city or a small rural community. Just wearing the jersey or even mentioning the term ‘Team Beef’ really seems to spark interest in the general public, especially at races,” stated Robinson.


As the 2017 Prime Cuts winner, Robinson completed the 30-Day Protein Challenge and shared multiple posts promoting Team Beef and beef recipes on social media. She also talked to elementary school students about her family’s beef operation, the beef industry, and beef byproducts.


She along with other Team BEEF SD members are looking forward to joining the 2018 team. Registration for the 2018 team will open in December. Contact Holly Swee at [email protected] for more information.

Posted: November 1, 2017