Beef, Brews, and Bikers

Vote for your favorite brewery below, and enter to win Beef Bucks! 

Contest Rules

Download and print the brochures below to follow all the participating destination breweries. Once you have arrived at the destination location you will be able to order the Beef and Beer pairing item. Help your favorite brewery win by taking a picture of your dish from your favorite brewery and uploading it above to vote! You will then be entered to win one of $500, $400, $300, $200, or $100 in beef bucks! 


Beef and Brews Cheat Sheet

Pair up delicious beef and brews with this cheat sheet!

Download & Print Here

Beef Brews and Bikers Brochure

Download and print the brochure to ride along, experience the journey, and try delicious beef paired with local brews! 

Download and Print Here

Destination Restaurants

Download and print the brochure to follow all the destination restaurants and breweries to vote for your favorite beef and beer pairing and be entered to win beef bucks! 

Download and Print Here