Gustafson talks about how the red jerseys spark conversation and what she wants South Dakota beef Farmers and Ranchers to know.


Candace Gustafson

Team BEEF South Dakota member, Candace Gustafson, believes you can never go wrong with a good T-Bone or burger.  From Nisland, SD, Gustafson has been a member of Team BEEF for four years.

Her first experience with Team BEEF was at a race in Minnesota where she saw the state’s own Team BEEF-ers running. She joined South Dakota’s team the next year. “I come from a ranching family background and so beef production has always been important to me. Being able to put my two loves together was awesome,” Gustafson said.


Gustafson understands the value of beef  and eats a good amount of protein the night before a long run. “I usually do my runs in the early morning, so for supper I’ll eat a nice, big steak or a burger to make sure I have that protein fuel source when I do those long runs.”


Gustafson ran the Deadwood/Mickelson Trail Half-Marathon in June with hopes of running the Sioux Falls Half-Marathon and Mt. Rushmore Half-Marathon in September.