Katrina Collins

Katrina was the Prime Cuts Program runner up!

Katrina Collins

Katrina Collins, a Faith, SD Team BEEF runner grew up in cattle country near Opal, SD, where her family still raises cattle today.  She learned first-hand the power of beef as a nutrient rich protein as well as the importance of promoting the product. She feels strongly about actively engaging in telling beef’s story and Team BEEF South Dakota was a perfect fit for her to do that. 

Collins decided to participate in the Team BEEF SD “Prime Cuts” program as part of her dedication to the industry. The incentive program through the South Dakota Beef Industry Council provides an opportunity for Team BEEF members to take the beef message beyond the race. The program offers members various options in which to earn points promoting beef. The 2018 2nd place Prime Cuts Program winner states, “The Prime Cuts Program is a great tool to help Team BEEF members and others educate and share information with consumers”.  She believes Team BEEF is a perfect way to promote beef while having a little fun as it is highly recognized at many of the racing events. Collins states, “At each race I hear encouragement from spectators and other runners yelling, Go Team BEEF! and I love meeting up with other Team BEEF members pre-race, it really helps pump you up!”  

For some, running for Team BEEF has changed their lives. Collins is an example of this, “Prior to 2012 I never thought I’d become a runner. When I had kids, I started to get into fitness and ran my first half marathon.” Collins persuaded her husband to join her a few years later and they now run races together several times a year. “I love promoting the beef industry with my fellow Team BEEF members” states Collins, “I love the support that comes from Team BEEF members, and the community. We are promoting a quality product and lifestyle, and the encouragement is amazing!”  

The program and the toolkit can be found on the South Dakota Beef Industry Council website and has been a great tool for Team BEEF members to review from time to time to update/refresh their knowledge.