Board of Directors

The SDBIC is comprised of three representative from eight agricultural organizations: SD Livestock Auction Market Association, SD Stockgrowers Association, SD Farm Bureau Association, SD Cattlemen's Association, SD Cattlemen's Auxiliary, SD Cattlewomen, SD Beef Breeds Council, and SD Farmers Union. 

South Dakota Livestock Market Association

Chad Heezen, Kimball

Kevin Larson, Aberdeen

Justin Tupper, St Onge


South Dakota Stockgrowers Association

Gary Deering, Vice-President, Hereford

Les Shaw, White Owl

Randy Volmer, Owanka 


South Dakota Farm Bureau Federation

Stacy Hadrick, Faulkton

Kent VanderWal, Bruce

Mike Gebhart, Meadow

South Dakota Cattlemen's Association

Becky Walth, Glenham

Carl Sanders, Oral

Todd Mortenson, Hayes

South Dakota Cattlemen's Auxiliary

Shirley Thompson, Mitchell

Laurie Johnson, South Shore

Ashley Iliff, Sisseton


South Dakota CattleWomen

Becky Littau, Winner

Lindy Harkin, Winner

Erin Yost, Treasurer, Gann Valley


South Dakota Beef Breeds Council

Chris Effling, Highmore

VeaBea Thomas, President, Harrold

Jeanne Johnson, Centerville 


South Dakota Farmers Union

David Reis, Oacoma

Eric Sumption, Frederick

Jeff Kippley, Aberdeen


National Directors

Cattlemen's Beef Promotion & Research Board

Vaughn Thorstenson, Selby

Cory Eich, Canova

Bill Slovek, Philip

Eric Sumption, Frederick


Federation of State Beef Councils

Becky Walth, Glenham

VeaBea Thomas, Harrold

Todd Mortenson, Hayes

Gary Deering, Hereford


US Meat Export Federation

Kati Knock, Willow Lake

Steve Hellwig, Bath

JT Rickenbach, Oelrichs


Meet our Staff: 

Suzy Geppert

Executive Director


Responsible for management of staff, producer communications and oversight of all checkoff programs, activities and functions of the South Dakota Beef Industry Council.

Holly swee, RD, LN

Director of Nutrition and Consumer Information


Responsible for developing, recommending and implementing nutrition information programs, youth education programs and food communications. Target audiences include health professionals, health influencers, educators, consumers and youth. 

Caitlin Wonnenberg

Web Development & Project Manager


Responsible for development and management of website information, and program marketing messages.

Merretta Anderson

Creative Services Manager


Responsible for all creative service duties associated with multiple programs, events and activities of the South Dakota Beef Industry Council. 


Office Manager


Responsible for maintaining office services by organizing office operations and procedures including general administrative duties and activities.

Riley Zoss

Communications Manager


Responsible for media communications, social media and marketing materials.