South Dakota Beef Industry Council Revives Beef Ambassador Program

South Dakota Beef Industry Council Revives Beef Ambassador Program

PIERRE, SD- The South Dakota Beef industry has a long and rich history, one that has been a part of the American fabric since its inception. For this reason, the South Dakota Beef Industry Council's (SDBIC) May Beef Month campaign focuses on our past, present and future in regard to the role that beef has played throughout history and highlights how Beef has ALWAYS been What's For Dinner. Part of the campaign is bringing back a new version the SD Beef Ambassador program.   

SDBIC Executive Director, Suzy Geppert discusses the revival. "The Beef Ambassador program was an iconic program carried out by the SD Cattlewomen that provided an opportunity for young beef leaders to engage and promote our product." The program sunsetted at both the national and state level several years ago but the impact of the program continues yet today with some of our current beef leaders having been raised as part of the program. The SDBIC team discussed the program as part of their campaign planning and there was no question that the Beef Ambassador program was a must. Geppert sees this as an opportunity for not only the youth but to also pay tribute to organizations like the SD Cattlewomen that have played key roles in keeping beef part of our family mealtime. "Our youth continue to be our future and we have to prepare them and encourage them to be proud of their heritage and willing to promote our beef product."   

The Beef Ambassador leadership opportunity is for youth ages 5 to 18. Scarlett Radke, daughter of Tyler and Amanda Radke of Mitchell, SD was selected to launch the program. "I am so pleased to see the South Dakota Beef Industry Council revive and bring back a new version of the ambassador program, and my husband Tyler and I are absolutely honored that our daughter Scarlett gets to be part of this initial relaunch as a Junior Beef Ambassador. She is enjoying learning more about cattle production, beef preparation, nutrition, by-products and more, and it's been a wonderful experience to watch her flex her muscles in presenting this information with the public through her videos. Although she is young, we hope her passion still shines through and gets families excited about eating beef during Beef Month. We are grateful to the SDBIC for giving her this opportunity to be a voice for the state's beef producers."   

By applying to become a member of the Beef Ambassador team, youth will be able to share their beef story through two separate levels of engagement; allowing youth to choose their level of involvement enables them to adjust both time and commitment levels to the program offering flexibility to busy schedules. Calli Williams, Aurora, SD rancher and former beef ambassador discusses her thoughts on the recent rollout "To say I am excited that beef ambassador program is being highlighted by the SDBIC, would be an understatement. Serving as the SD Beef Ambassador (2009) is when I found my passion for not only sharing the BEEF story, but also for public speaking and marketing. The Beef Ambassador program is a great way for our youth to learn the importance of promoting agriculture, and educating consumers." 

To learn more about this program or to seek an application visit the "All About Family" page at or contact Suzy Geppert at [email protected] All applications are due June 1, 2020.

Posted: May 4, 2020