ProStart Cooking Team

Guidelines & Recommendations

  1. Application deadline for 2018-2019 school year is September 29, 2018
  2. Once SDBIC receives your funding request and it’s approved, a check will be issued for beef purchases.
  3. Only fresh beef may be purchased with program funds.
  4. Beef must be used for the ProStart program curriculum only. Funds cannot be used for school BBQ’s or other school functions.
  5. The SDBIC encourages lesson plans to reflect the use of value cuts (flat iron, petite tender, ranch cut, chuck eye steak, and boneless country-style ribs). These cuts are rapidly gaining popularity in foodservice establishments across the US.
  6. The money does not have to be spent all at once. Purchases may be made over the course of the school year as long as all receipts are sent in by September 29, 2018.
  7. An expense verification sheet, with receipts attached, is to be submitted for the 2018- 2019 school year to the SDBIC by July 31, 2019.
  8. Receipts should include of store where the beef was purchased and school name. Original receipts or copies will be accepted.
  9. Any unused money must be returned to the SDBIC to be eligible for future program funds and a new application must be filled out for each new school year.

*Failure to follow these guidelines will affect the school's ability to receive funds in the future

Forms & Documents

ProStart Application

Want to enroll your students into the ProStart Beef program?

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Material & Resource Order Form

Choose from our selection of brochures, posters, and more to help you get a jump start on beef education!

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Expense Sheet

Verify your ProStart program expenses with this sheet and remit to Holly Swee.

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Available Funding Information

To be eligible, your school must be recognized as a ProStart School according to guidelines established by the National Restaurant Association.

  1. Each ProStart Chapters are eligible to receive funding for their general ProStart curriculum.
  2. Additional funding is available for the state and national competition. Contact Holly Swee at 605-957-5283 or to request additional funds for the following events.
    • Any Chapter choosing to showcase beef as their center of the plate entrée at the state competition is eligible to receive up to $50 in additional funding for the purchase of beef to use in the state competition. If your school sponsors more than one team in the state culinary competition, each team will be eligible for funding. Teachers much notify the South Dakota Beef Industry Council to receive additional funds. All receipts for beef purchases and competition menu must be submitted to be eligible for future funds.
    • If your school/team wins the state competition and you have showcased beef on your menu, you will be eligible to receive an additional $100 towards beef purchases leading up to and for use at the National ProStart Student Invitational.

For questions, contact Holly Swee at 605-957-5283 or

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